Bit Blot is proud to be a part of the independent game community. Independent, or indie, games are games made by small teams like us, usually on much smaller budgets than mainstream game companies.

What we love about indie games is how anyone can make one. The spirit of independence is the idea that games are a form of personal self-expression that can be enjoyed by anyone. We appreciate that, in the independent game community, there are no directions which cannot be travelled in - the real limit is the creativity of the developer. We're extremely proud to be a part of this growing scene, and we hope you feel the same way!

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Indie Game Links

TIGSource's Guide to Indie Games - an introduction to indie games, with a list of 50 really good games to try out

The Independent Games Festival - the first, and best, competition for independent games

A Few Indie Developers We Like

Mr. Robot


Moonpod is a small British studio that makes extremely polished games based on retro-style game mechanics.

Zen Puzzle Garden


Joseph White creates some charming, pixelly action and puzzle games. Simple, but well-crafted.



thatgamecompany is an innovative studio that makes games that focus the emotional experience of playing games.


Data Realms

Dan "Data" Tabar and Niklas "Prom" Jansson are the duo behind Cortex Command, a technically impressive platform shooter that uses advanced physics. We really like these guys!